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At Gen-Z Media, we create and produce some of the most innovative audio programming around. We’re all about families and friends listening together and connecting over great stories. Gen-Z podcasts are downloaded millions of times every month by fans all over the world.

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Our shows have won nearly all of the major podcasting awards that stand for great quality programming, including the Peabody, Best Kids & Family Podcast from the Academy of Podcasters, Parent’s Choice Gold Award, and iTunes Best of the Year.

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Many of Gen-Z Media’s podcasts have been turned into successful TV series, books, and movies. Meet the team behind our immersive shows and world-class stories.

“When we learned that Pants on Fire is produced by Gen-Z Media, a company focused on creating awesome podcasts for kids, we decided to explore the other Gen-Z Media shows. It turned out to be a gold mine!”
—Dad Life