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Nightingale Theme

“Stronger Every Day” composed by Chris Tarry, Lyrics and performance by Rebekah Higgs!

Mars Patel 3D Audio Teaser

We’re so excited to be releasing Mars Patel in Binaural Audio June 21st! Listen to this preview to get a better idea of what that’ll sound like (really, really cool).

Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog in 3D Audio Teaser

Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog is a thrilling and heartfelt audio adventure with the love story between a girl and a dog at its center. In an apocalyptic future, climate change and overconsumption have made our planet a very different place. The seas have risen, resources are scarce…and animals have disappeared off the face of the earth. Most people believe they never existed at all. 12-year-old… Read more »

Music from “Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog”

Goodbye Doggo is for a really emotional scene were Iowa isn’t sure if she’s going to see Doggo again. The idea here is that the music should be bittersweet and build. It’s one of those happy/sad moments. The score for last dog is using a lot of piano and (in spots) acoustic guitar. You can hear the guitar come in at the end of the track.