GZM Educator Advocate

GZM Educator Advocates believe in the power of great stories and characters as teaching tools, and they are actively using one or more GZM shows in their schools. To apply to become a GZM Educator Advocate, simply fill out the 2-minute form below. That’s it!

GZM Educator Advocate Perks:

-A digital GZM Educator Advocate badge to display on your email, website, or social media.

-Free copies of the scripts for a season of up to three shows (you’ll receive a follow-up link after you’re approved).

-Chance to have your classroom get a shoutout on GZMclassroom.com, on Teachers Passing Notes (a brand new podcast created just for educators!) or maybe even the GZM Morning Show (coming later this year!).

GZM Education Ambassador

What does it mean to be a GZM Education Ambassador? Our Education Ambassadors understand the power of audio and the power of story in driving classroom engagement, encouraging kids to explore big ideas, and teaching to common core standards. GZM Education Ambassadors already have experience using our podcasts in their classrooms. They have shared that experience using our shows with other educators, and want to continue helping to spread the word.

GZM Education Ambassador Perks:

– Free access to our scripts for classroom use.
– Front-of-line access to our principal creators for classroom visits and special engagement.
– Sneak peaks at new shows in development. Invitations to join our teacher-facing podcasts.
– Plus a neat digital badge!

If you’d like to apply to be recognized as a GZM Educator Ambassador, fillĀ out the form below, submit a lesson plan using this template, and record a video talking about how you have used our shows, how you have shared our shows beyond your classroom, and how you would like to help spread the word to other educators.