GZM in the Classroom

We love when teachers and educators share our podcasts with their students!

Thousands of educators around the world have found ways to introduce shows like Six Minutes, Mars Patel, Young Ben Franklin and Becoming Mother Nature into their classrooms. GZM podcasts can help to teach ELA curriculum, encourage creativity or just introduce fun and exciting audio storytelling to young listeners.

Classroom Listening

  • Helps build vocabulary, language skills and literacy
  • Improves attention and memory, and stimulates imagination and curiosity among kids of all ages
  • Makes narrative story accessible to readers of all levels
  • Teaches kids to use different senses to experience stories
  • Is fun and engaging. Oh, those cliffhangers!

Virtual Classroom Visits from GZM Creators

Gen-Z Media is delighted to offer virtual classroom visits from our creators, free of charge, to classrooms actively listening to our shows. We do not charge for these visits, but we encourage educators to use the event as an opportunity to inspire their students to make a classroom-donation (in any amount) to one of GZM’s favorite charities at one of the links below.

To schedule a visit, please contact: sharon@gzmshows.com

Show-specific Teaching Materials

We are also pleased to offer teaching materials to educators. Beginning with Six Minutes, and Becoming Mother Nature, educators can find teaching materials for a wide variety of classroom activities and learning exercises. More materials for other shows will be added soon!

Get your Six Minutes teaching materials here.

Get your Becoming Mother Nature teaching materials here.

Get your Young Ben Franklin teaching materials here.