The GZM Team

Who We Are

Peabody Award-winning Gen-Z Media creates and produces innovative audio programming for an all-ages audience. We’re all about families, friends and classrooms listening together and connecting over great stories. GZM podcasts are downloaded millions of times every month by fans all over the world in addition to the Peabody Award have won Parents’ Choice Awards, Apple Podcasts Best of the Year, and Common Sense Media Top Pics, among other accolades.

Education Amplified

GZM podcasts have been integrated into thousands of schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our shows can be found classrooms in every state, in big cities and small towns alike, public, charter and private schools, and economically and socially diverse institutions. We owe the innovative teachers who made that happen a debt of gratitude, and more. They loved our podcasts and saw the opportunity to use them to support a deeper kind of learning in their middle-grade classrooms. This website and its free resources are for them, and they’re for you.

In the last year alone, we’ve visited hundreds of classrooms to talk to some of these teachers and their students, answer questions about our shows, and hear about different teaching strategies. We’re always learning, and this website is just starting out, so if you have an idea about what else we can do to help you teach your kids, please let us know. Reach out any time.

Teacher Testimonial


“My students LOVE your Six Minutes Podcast. I work at a school for kids who are bright, but learn differently. Many of them are struggling readers, but strong thinkers. This podcast has given them a wonderful gift of enjoying a complex story without the diligent effort of having to decode a text.” – Julie M.


“I love your podcasts and listen to them 24/7. Thank you so much for making these shows.” – Sophia D.

“Your podcast is probably the best thing to happen to me in my entire life. I have listened to it five times going on six times.” – Rasha M.


“It’s amazing to hear a podcast about exactly what we’re going through right now too. My kids know they’re not the only ones doing this, but it’s huge for them to hear another kid talk about it.” – Ellen K.

“My son and I really enjoyed Holiday’s story and listened to it obsessively from start to finish, long after his teacher introduced it in class.” – Terin E.


“Children (and their adults) who love the X-Men and other tales of youths with innate powers will get lost in [Six Minutes’] fictional saga… The story is told in six-minute-long increments, and adds up to an epic, 200-episode adventure.”
– New York Times

“When we learned that Pants on Fire is produced by Gen-Z Media, a company focused on creating awesome podcasts for kids, we decided to explore the other Gen-Z Media shows. It turned out to be a gold mine!” – Dad Life

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