Family Podcast Network Gen-Z Media Releases First Playlist of Free Original Lo-Fi Beats for All Ages

NEW YORK, NY, APRIL 30, 2021 — Gen-Z Media, the leading creator of kids and family podcast programming, announces the launch of its first lo-fi playlist for families, GZM Beats: Study. The ultra-high quality beats, composed by some of the leading jazz musicians in the world, round out GZM’s diverse catalog of great content for families and their tweens and teens. GZM Beats: Study is exactly that, just the beats – no talk or immersive adventure. It’s a different kind of podcast, one that is specifically designed for passive listening while studying, working or just plain relaxing.

“We work with some of the best composers in the world already, so creating a passive podcast listening experience that activates and strengthens people’s ability to focus was a fun challenge,” says Chris Tarry, five-time Juno Award winning Chief Production Officer at Gen-Z Media. Following GZM Beats: Study, Gen-Z Media will release playlists for GZM Beats: Sleep, GZM Beats: Mindfulness, and GZM Beats: Chores

The GZM Beats series of passive-listening podcast content adds to Gen-Z Media’s catalog of nearly two dozen original shows, and more than 140 hours of great content specifically created for families that include middle-school age kids 8-14 years old. “These shows offer older kids exciting alternatives to screen time that don’t feel in any way like a compromise,” said Ben Strouse, Gen-Z Media’s CEO. “Lo-fi beats are already incredibly popular on Youtube, and since that’s our core audience creating a lo-fi beats podcast series made sense,” he added.

“Lo-fi” means “low-fidelity,” which is music that incorporates what would typically be considered errors in the recording process. The most common “error” is a crackling sound or record scratch, accompanied by slow, repetitive hip-hop and jazz-inspired tracks. Music Therapist Teresa Lesiuk calls the experience of listening to lo-fi for long periods of time “cocooning,” as the sound wraps the listener in a predictable, pleasant, and calming sound, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks. 

Gen-Z Media is the leading creator, producer, and distributor of scripted family audio, with a slate of shows that is downloaded more than 4 million times each month, including Six Minutes, the most downloaded scripted family drama in history; the Peabody Award winning The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel; the comedy of The Big Fib (now a TV show on Disney+), and a dozen other high-concept shows for tweens, teens and family co-listening. GZM’s media partners include Warner Bros., Disney, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Harper Collins, and many more.

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