Music from “Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog”

Goodbye Doggo┬áis for a really emotional scene where Iowa isn’t sure if she’s going to see Doggo again. The idea here is that the music should be bittersweet and build. It’s one of those happy/sad moments. The score for last dog is using a lot of piano and (in spots) acoustic guitar. You can hear the guitar come in at the end of the track.

Here We Go Now is for a moment in the show where things are about to get exciting. Iowa has a plan, and we’re about to see that plan unfold. The energy here musically is all about Iowa’s agency, and how that agency grows throughout a scene. You’ll hear the piano that’s present in most of the score for The Last Dog, and the track builds with percussion and then big drums as the action picks up. It’s all about helping to tell the story through music.