Teachers Passing Notes

Teachers Passing Notes is a podcast from Gen-Z Media created for educators and hosted by Donnie Piercey, a fifth grade teacher from Lexington, Kentucky and Alisa Cooper de Uribe, a first grade bilingual teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each week, they bring on inspiring teachers to talk about some creative lessons, practices, and ideas that have been successful in their classrooms or schools.

Jaiya Chetram (MARS PATEL)
Natalie Mehl (CADDIE)
Kate Wolfson (JP)
Wyatt Ralff (TOOTHPICK)
Carter Minor (JONAS)
Rileigh McDonald (JULIA)
Mairead O’Neil (AURORA)
Brandon Simms (ORION)
Shane Epstein-Petrullo (AXEL)
Courtney Chu (DAISY)
Fiona Kreizman (EPICA)
Michael Perilstein (OLIVER PRUITT)
Lipica Shah (SAIRA PATEL)
Ilana Ransom-Toeplitz (THE COMPUTER)
Charlie Pollock (MR. Q)

Additional voices by Oliver Gould, Chloe Tarry, Oliver Kreizman, Arthur Strouse, Logan Hall, Daniel Maloof, Emma Hankey, Eliana Brenden, Dash Kreizman, Jennifer Roszell, Graham Stevens, Alexa Ralph, Dina Perlman, Robbie Berry, and Tabitha Ginsberg.

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