Teachers Passing Notes

Teachers Passing Notes is a podcast from Gen-Z Media created for educators and hosted by Donnie Piercey, a fifth grade teacher from Lexington, Kentucky and Alisa Cooper de Uribe, a first grade bilingual teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each week, they bring on inspiring teachers to talk about some creative lessons, practices, and ideas that have been successful in their classrooms or schools.

We Love Educators

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel podcast has become a hit in classrooms everywhere! Listen to the podcast as a group, in stations, or offer as an early finisher task in your classroom and let your students showcase their knowledge in a creative way with the Mars Patel education materials.

Here’s what you get in the Mars Patel education materials:
  • Post-episode listening resources to play for your students after each episode
  • Character worksheets
  • Story context and comprehension worksheets

Below is an example of one of the post-episode listening resources.

Click here to download your free sample of the Mars Patel education materials. The sample consists of episode one from season one. To download the entire season, click the Buy Now button below. Seasons two and three coming soon!

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