Teachers Passing Notes

Teachers Passing Notes is a podcast from Gen-Z Media created for educators and hosted by Donnie Piercey, a fifth grade teacher from Lexington, Kentucky and Alisa Cooper de Uribe, a first grade bilingual teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each week, they bring on inspiring teachers to talk about some creative lessons, practices, and ideas that have been successful in their classrooms or schools.

Benjamin Strouse

Co-creator / Writer / Executive Producer

Chris Tarry

Co-creator / Writer / Music / Sound Design

David Kreizman

Co-creator / Head Writer

Jenny Turner Hall

Co-creator / Writer / Director Season 1

Alan Friedman

Sound Design / Voice Editing

Michelle Tattenbaum

Director Seasons 2 & 3

Shawn Pierce


Chris Suilit

Recording Engineer

Rebecca Hanover

Story Producer Season 3

Nidhi Mehta

Writer Season 3

Paul Connolly

Voice Editing / Sound Design Season 2

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