Mayan Crystal

In the spirit of Mayan folklore, an 11-year-old Belizean girl accidentally invokes an evil spirit that threatens to consume the rainforest. She goes on a thrilling journey to save her home and her people.

Chloe Cheers (AURELA)
Alex Suarez (ZAITA)
Marian Licha (ANGELINA)
Alexander Elisa (SPECTRE)
Jonathan West (JAGUAR)
Hadasa Isolino (ISH)
Tom Paolino (PAPA)
David Josefsberg (CLAUDE)
Andrew Grusetskie (WORKER #1/COYOTE)
Timothy John Smith (WORKER #2/COYOTE)
Cynthia Bastidas (NIMA/YAX TUN’S MOTHER)
Trendane Sparks (CHARACTER VOICES)

Special thanks to…
…the Maya of Red Bank, Belize, who inspired this story.

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