The Big Melt

Act now or swim later! This is “The Big Melt,” a climate change podcast brought to you by “Earth Rangers” and Gen-Z Media.

The feels you get when you realize the planet is hotter than your boyfriend…

But actually: “How can we save our dying planet?” More and more of my friends are asking this as we realize that we’re the ones who’ll be around when the consequences of climate change happen. We are demanding a say and asking big questions.

Hi, I’m Sarah, by the way… I talk a lot. I like improv and cooking…basically, pretty normal but not too basic…if that makes sense. I’m by no means perfect when it comes to living green, but I try. I eat veggie, I ride the bus and I recycle, but TBH, I didn’t end up going to the climate rally… I know, I know… I feel super bad about it.

But that’s why I want to start this podcast, because it’s like…I may not know exactly what to do, but I have a lot of really good questions…and a bee in my bonnet…which I will return to its hive as soon as possible—they’re becoming increasingly rare. I’m going to talk to brilliant, creative people that have new ideas about how to solve this problem, listen to the voices of the teenagers and kids who have inherited it. You in? Let’s do this…

“I’ve learned so much about climate change and I am thinking about trying to help you make a difference!”


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