Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog

In an apocalyptic future where animals have disappeared from the face of the earth, 12-year-old Iowa Chapman finds what might be the last remaining dog.

Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog is a thrilling and heartfelt audio adventure with the love story between a girl and a dog at its center. In an apocalyptic future, climate change and overconsumption have made our planet a very different place. The seas have risen, resources are scarce…and animals have disappeared off the face of the earth. Most people believe they never existed at all. 12-year-old Iowa Chapman is not most people. And when she’s rescued by what might be the last remaining dog, she realizes the responsibility she has to keep this amazing creature safe. Pursued by the evil Regulators, Iowa and Doggo set off on a journey in search of Haven, a legendary island where some believe animals might still be living. From Gen-Z Media, creators of Six MinutesThe Last Dog is GZM’s first movie-length audio epic.


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