Hey Educators! You’re excited to use our podcasts in class, and maybe you’re asking yourself “where do I start?” or “what’s the best way to listen?”

The answer is that thousands of teachers across the United States and Canada use Gen-Z Media podcasts in dozens of different ways for multiple grade levels, classroom-wide, for breakout groups, to reward learning, as homework, and to teach to common core standards.

  1. Go to the Classroom Resources page where you can compare shows. On that page, you’ll find a list of all shows with a basic profile of each.
  2. Pick a show. There are no wrong choices. Six Minutes is a good pick for first time users because the episodes are… well… only 6 minutes! But, all of our shows are engaging and we think your students will love them!
  3. From the Classroom Resources Page or the Home Page, you can visit the Show Page for the specific title you’re interested in. On that Show Page you’ll find more detail about that particular show as well as Resources customized for that show (a Listening Guide, Choice Board, and an Explore Board). If this is your first time using podcasts in your classroom, if you’re unfamiliar with using “Thought Boards”, or if you just want a quick orientation about one way (of many) into the show, check out The Listening Guide.
  4. After you’re comfortable and have an approach, dive into the Explore Board and Choice Board for that show. These unique and customizable teaching tools are designed to support a flexible and powerful staged approach to engaging with that podcast, including some of the ways in which the podcast aligns with Common Core standards.
  5. Looking for a more detailed explanation of the technical aspects of these materials? Look no further. Here is a video from Lisa Highfill, one of the educators and innovators who created these materials. PDF version available here.

A message from our GZM Education Ambassador, Donnie Piercey

Video about Workflow from Lisa